For those who come into the Westlane building a mask must be worn; the building has been prepared for social distancing requirements.

If you are not yet ready to come into the building, services will be broadcast to the parking lot where you can listen in the comfort of your own cars.

Westlane services will be able to be heard from a vehicle parked on the WCC parking lot on AM 1630. Please keep in mind the AM radio band is not always as clear and strong as the FM radio band. For the best reception, please park in spots to the west of the traffic cones placed in the parking lot. The closer to the building the better the reception. If staying in a vehicle to hear the service, pre-filled disposable communion will be delivered by a gloved, masked person. If the WCC family member has offering, the volunteer can take it at that time. Offering envelopes are available if necessary.

Radio service may be unavailable if there is severe weather. We are considering solutions to address this variable.

For those attending worship service inside:

  • To comply with Marion County regulations, please wear a mask.
  • Pre-filled disposable communion will be distributed upon entry.
  • Place offering in the box near the thermostat labeled “Tithes and Offerings”.
  • We will have music provided by the Praise Team behind plexiglass screens, however, attendees are encouraged to hum only to reduce the spread of droplets.